Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Final Steps to Independance

Finals is near. My uni life is coming to an end... Whether or not that I graduate depends on my exams tomorrow

Cannot believe that I have come this far; 4 yrs of uni life accompanied with struggles and friendship.

Last week is an emo week.... was teary the whole time.. Mixed feelings of being home sick and missing friends who left or are going to leave.This week... exams is important... I know I need this final strive to pass...But I am confident that I can pass; which includes everyone in my course...

All people who appear in my life ( include the ones that I do not get along very well) added spice to my existence; and I've learned so much from them as they trained my tolerance and compassion as a human being; by being able to embrace everyone in my environment(Of course, I am still working on it.. this is a constant challenge)

Eventually all of us are going to part our ways. And we are to be independent to stand on our own feet.

Good luck to us all... We can make it... Can't wait for he grand celebration to get drunk... lol :)

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