Friday, May 23, 2008

Boring...and excited at the same time?

This is the time when I'm strap in the middle. See, I just came back from a party that don't feel like a party at all... How 'cool' is that?

So, I was all dressed up... and when I stepped into the venue,people were wearing smart casual while I was looking as if I was going to a prom night. The theme was ' Red, Black, and White' me and another friend of mine expected that we should be dressing up to the nines. Little do we know that we actually looked like peacocks at the party. I mean we really stood out.

So you see, I was not feeling in place. I still have glitter on my body! My goodness.. this is hell of an experience. And lol, this is what an inexperienced party goer would be which is to either be over-dress, or under-dress.Ha.

Then my bunch of friends and I was sitting there,looking at each other, drinking some beer and cruisers, looking at the projected big wide screen showing Wrestling. Then, there was the dance floor, which was empty and nobody was dancing. I was feeling like dancing but my friends are not gonna dance at all. Hrmm...So you know, I was feeling realli realli out of place.

After that, my friends were leaving...being all dressed up, I don't feel like going home straight after that. Luckily, our friend is gentlemen enough in fetching us to Hamilton to eat something. Of course, it was freezing. Then we went to Darby street for a cup of coffee. Still not bad for a night.But the party, I will never EVER be to a party like this anymore. Seriously... period.