Monday, March 31, 2008

Feelings at the moment...

So fast, it is already half way through for first semester. At the mean time, I am getting used to the lifestyle here.

A person spend the most time with one self. And we as human beings will always have inner struggle of good and bad within us. And sometimes, I do find it difficult to maintain the balance. There are times when I will be very determined to do something. But there are times when I will be totally slacked. For instance, I was late to class today because I was watching You Tube and Crunchy Roll AGAIN till wee hours in the morning.After that, I called my mum and it seems that the house renovation is putting her under a lot of stress. It kinda feels bad when I am not around to help her.

Human connections are very interesting. Till now, it is still a myth to me. I don't even understand that how a person can affect my mood. Anyway, that is all for now.